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The EK18A three-wheel electric forklift is our most advanced and newest series of lift trucks. This forklifts offers an advantages in quality, affordable and ergonomics that makes them the most operator-friendly AC-powered lift trucks on the market.

Our innovative design of our electric lift truck series provides a variety of solutions to meet your demand for productivity. This compact forklift can handle a tight turning radius and offers incredible maneuverability in the tightest aisles.

  • Safety Blue light package comes standard

  • 48V/425Ah Industrial battery to improve performance with high output of power

  • Newly designed operator module provides a comfortable and highly productive operator compartment

  • Industry-leading dash storage area ensures operators have dedicated areas to retain personal and work related items

  • AC technology delivers quick and smooth changes in travel direction, offers precise speed control with excellent acceleration which significantly increases productivity

  • Three-Wheel Design for optimal maneuverability in the tightest applications

  • Multifunction Display located in the upper right corner of the operator's compartment offers maximum forward visibility and ease of operation

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