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EKKO's EP15SLi/EP18SLi Series Li-Iron Pallet Jacks

EKKO is announcing another solution in the replacement of old school lead acid pallet jacks with newer technology of Lithium-Iron.

Quicker charge time, longer life expectancy of the battery, no maintenance required, and easy to swap out the battery. Time is money and if you are spending time and time again maintaining a thing of the past. Then it's time to keep up the past of the future of material handling.


• 3300-4000 lb. Capacity

• Forks 27x48

• Compact & Economical

• Polyurethane Wheels

• Stability Casters

• Electromagnetic Braking

• 24V/30Ah, 24V/40Ah

• Battery and Charger Included

• 3 Year Limited Warranty

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