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EP18LI Lithium-Iron Electric Pallet Jack

EKKO's newest EP18LI Lithium-Iron Pallet Jack is here and ready to ship to dealers across the nation. The advantages of Lithium-iron versus Lead Acid is the fact that it has a quicker charge time, longer lasting, maintenance free, and steady amperage throughout the use of your equipment.

* 4000lb. Load Capacity

* 27x48 Forks

* On-Board Charger 24V/15Ah

* 24V/40Ah Lithium Battery Pack

* Dual Stability Casters

* 3.3 Lowered Ht.

* 7.7" Raised Ht.

* Polyurethane Wheels

* Steel Entry Wheels

* 3 Year Limited Warranty

Go with a supplier that not only can provide you with quality equipment, but also allow you to maximize the margins you deserve at the same time in helping your customers in the savings.

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