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The EKKO ES40E-Li Scissor Aerial Work Platform is a 506-lb capacity compact platform with four wheels and Curtis controller which allows you to make lifting, transporting loads, and moving products easily and safely. This product also complys with GB25849 and EN280 standards. 


-Load Capacity 500 lb

-Raised Height 13' (157")

-Lowered Height 77''

-Size: Length 57" x Width 30"

-Steel construction

-3 Years Limited Warranty



EKKO ES40E-Li Aerial Work Platform Lift Height 13' (157'')

  •     ES40E-Li
    product dimensions    
    A1 Max working height  Inch 19.7' (236.2'')
    A2 Max platform height Inch 13' (157'')
    B Length Inch 57.1
    C Width Inch 29.9
    D  Overall height (guardrail not folded)  Inch 76.8
    Overall height (folding guardrail)  Inch 63
    Platform size (length EX width FX height G)  Inch 50.4*29.1
    G Guardrail height Inch 43.3
    H Platform extension size  Inch 23.6
     I Ground clearance (closed state)  Inch 2.36
    J  Ground clearance (lifting state)  Inch 0.59
     K Wheelbase  Inch 40.6
     product performance    
    Maximum number of workers (indoor/outdoor)   2 / – 
     load rating  LBS 500
    Extended platform load rating LBS 220
    Driving speed (folding state) km/h 0~4
    Driving speed (lifting condition) km/h 0~0.8
    Minimum Turning radius (inside) Inch 0
    Minimum turning radius (outside) Inch 61
    Rise/fall time s 25/25
    Maximum allowable tilting Angle (front/left/right) ° 3°/1.5°
    Maximum allowable wind speed (indoor/outdoor) m/s 0/0
    Maximum allowable lateral force (indoor/outdoor) N 400/0
    Gradeability % 25
    control   proportional control
    actuator   Dual front wheels
    braking    Double front wheels
     Tyre specification/type Inch 9*3.1
    Product power    
    Lift/drive motor kw 1.2/0.4*2
    Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 25.6V/75AH
    Charger input voltage VAC 100-240
    Charger output current A 10
    control voltage VDC 24
    Hydraulic tank capacity L 3
    total weight  lbs 2046
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