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EKKO April 2023 Newsletter

EKKO Material Handling is a relatively new name in the Material Handling Industry. EKKO is an wholesaler/ manufacturer of liquid propane forklifts, electric forklifts, Reach trucks, Order Pickers, Counterbalance stackers, straddle stackers, pallet jacks, scissor lifts and yard ramps. EKKO has just surpassed 5 years of doing business in the United States. EKKO Units are Manufactured based out of Zhejiang China, and the headquarters is located in sunny Pomona, California.

As our business grows so does our team and our presence in the industry. With that being said, EKKO had the opportunity to be an Exhibitor at the 2023 Promat show located at the McCormick Place, Chicago Il.

ProMat2023 is a material handling and logistics industry’s global event and one of the largest in the United States. This event brings over 50,000 manufacturing and supply chain buyers from 145 countries together to broadcast their business, innovative technology and make connections.

EKKO Material Handling had something to share with Promat! The newest additions to our inventory fleet. Including our eye-catching Liquid Propane Forklifts.

LPG Forklifts: EK25LP/EK25-212LP/EK25CLP/EK25SLP/EK30LP/EK35LP/EK50LP

The EKKO liquid propane forklifts have the quickest lead times on the market with no more than 90days. Which is an advantage we have over our competitors who’s lead time can be longer than a year out.

New Lithium versions of EKKO units have also been implemented to the inventory, order pickers, scissor lifts, rider forklifts, pallet jacks and straddle stackers.

Additionally EKKO has added 8 new versions of Electric Forklifts and 3 versions of our pallet jacks.



EKKO has also just did a complete redesign of the business website. This redesign is hoped to be more user friendly and increase lead generation.

Please feel free to reach out regarding any of our EKKO Units or comments about various other topics.

EKKO is here for you!

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