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EKKO EK15A 3 Wheel Electric forklift w/side-shifting forks

EKKO Lifts is announcing our EK15A 3 Wheel Electric Forklifts to be arriving on 12/12/2018.

Specs: 3300lbs Load Capcity, 177" (14.75ft) Lift Ht. Side-Shifting Forks, Curtis AC Controller, EPS (Electric Power Steering, AC Drive, Tilt, Batteries and Charger included with every equipment in our dealer net pricing.

So if you are ready to gain maximum profit margins of MINIMUM 30% with our quality equipment. Stop wasting time, because territories are being allocated quick. #ekko #ekkolifts #forklift #forklifts #lifttruck #lifttrucks #materialhandling #materialhandlingequipment #3wheelforklift

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